Thursday, September 02, 2004

How do you use the word "Fuck" ?

Here is my Top Ten list for the most popular situations for using that four letter obscenity here in ultra-conservative Kuwait:

1- "Fuck" it! I'm not going to slow down - this signal just turned red.
2- "Fuck" you! Why are you staring at me?!
3- "Fuck" this dump. I asked for Medium-rare! This steak is like burnt wood.
4- "Fuck" that background music . The local news is BORING enough!
5- "Fuck" this retarded radio DJ. My Ipod has more brain cells and better taste
6- "Fuck" designer clothes! - If I want to look like a fool I would wear A FCUK YOU T-shirt
7- "Fuck" this smell! Take two showers a day and use a better deodorant!
8- "Fuck" him! I don't give a rat's ass about his beliefs, traditions and rules!
9- "Fuck" it! I'm not going to stand in line and wait like everyone else!
10- "Fuck" everything - I AM A TRUE KUWAITI! You are NOT!